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Ask about snorkeling, scuba, dolphins, bone fishing and bottom fishing...

Relaxation and Wellness

While in Bimini you can experience the healing arts of Kathleen Fisher, CMT, who holds a recognised Certification in Massage Therapy(USA) and specialises in Craniosacral Therapy and Kripalu massage. Kathleen and her family have been on the island for many years and her therapy of massage is highly recommended. We can arrange for you to meet Kathleen or you can contact her on your own at

Nature Tours on Land and Sea

Guided Family Vacations: If you're interested in a fun and adventurous Bimini family vacation that you'll remember for a lifetime, check out  ----  we give his trips rave reviews!

South Bimini has a remarkable nature trail which brings you into contact with much of the flora and fauna of Bimini. The nature trail is clearly signed and it can be experienced with or without a guide.

If you want to experience the beauty of the mangroves and the shallow reefs we can also arrange for a guide to take you there.
SMALL'S BONEFISHING AND SIGHT-SEEING are our primary partners for bonefishing and island water sightseeing excursions. 242-347 4032 or 242 473 2101.

Kayaking is popular also and we can help you get set up for an amazing experience in shallow waters of Bimini's flats.

SCUBA diving, snorkelling, bonefishing.....its all at your finger tips. And if you want to try fishing off the docks we can help arrange that too.

Lost City of Atlantis.....Bimini has been famous also for what many claim is the Road to Atlantis. A very strange underwater rock formation that appears to be a planned road that travels for nearly 1/4 of a mile in about 15 feet of water. It is a most visited snorkel and dive site. Google "Bimini Road" and you'll see lots of information, photographs and videos.

Fountain of 1513 Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon had heard from some aboriginal peoples that on a small island called "Bimini" there could be found a "fount the water of which restores vigor and health". Ponce searched for Bimini for sometime but didn't find our island (he discovered Florida instead)...but the Fountain of Youth can be visited still.

Healing Hole is a well known place on the mangroves actually. An underground spring pours forth from beneath the seabed the water of which contains many minerals including sulphur and many persons visit the site to simply sit and benefit from its properties.

Swim With The Dolphins is a favourite pastime for many visitors. Three local dive and water sports centres offer trips which enable you to see and even swim with dolphin in the wild. There is no feeding or touching just viewing. An amazing experience! We can help organise a trip so you can swim with these magnificent mammals.

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