Bimini Ocean Villa
A luxury sea-side home....yours in paradise

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Info and Rates

Your host in Bimini is Barbara Weech-Checkley. She and her staff will endeavour to accommodate your every need and requirement. Barbara has been in the hospitality field for over twenty five years. A native of Bimini, she lives nearly next door to your luxury beach-side home, so you're never far from her assistance. or call 242.347.3038

$395 US dollars per night for 1 or 2 bedrooms
1-2 bedroom $395
3 bedroom  $485
5 bedroom  $625
No other costs.

The house is never shared. So, should you book only one bedroom or two, the entire house is yours and yours alone.

 No taxes or other add-ons.

1 242 347 3038 or 1 242 473 4815

  Five bedrooms/4 baths/central air/complete kitchen/cable tv/ WiFi included
  Check the photographs on the next page
  • We accept US or Bahamian dollars and euros. We accept personal cheques on USA banks.
  • Bahamian dollars and US dollars are at par.
  • There are no other add-ons or taxes or surcharges.
  • If you are arriving by boat, Weech's Bimini Dock is located across from the cottages and we can arrange docking for you there.
  • Golf carts...ask us about golf cart availability (it's Bimini's main form of transportation)
  • Weekly housekeeping services are included on week long stays or more; on weekends it's self-house cleaning. But staff will always replenish towels, tissues, and water as needed.
  • SORRY, NO PETS. Pet dander might cause other guests after you to have allergic reactions.
  • When you make a reservation we ask for a one night deposit. This is refundable should you be unable to visit as you had planned. Let us know within 48 hours and you will receive a full refund. We understand that weather and other events can change your plans.

How do I get to Bimini?

Several airlines fly into Bimini from the United States. Flights arrive daily from Fort Lauderdale. One airline flies to Bimini daily from Nassau. Check these numbers or websites to make reservations. However, there is also a ferry service. The ride takes about two and half hours aboard ResortsWorld Bimini SuperFast Ferry.

Check their website:

  • Silver Airways 
  • Tropic Airways from Fort Lauderdale Intl Airport  [our best choice]
  • Western Air from Nassau   242 377 2222
BIMINI IS IN THE EASTERN TIME ZONE...the time in Bimini is the same as the time in Toronto, New York or Miami.

Where is Bimini?

Bimini Bahamas is located just 50 miles east of Miami/Fort Lauderdale. It is a 20 minute flight from Fort Lauderdale and usually a 2 or 3 hour boat trip from the mainland USA. Bimini is the closest island of The Bahamas to the United States. The Bimini population is about 2800. The Bahamas, of which Bimini is part,  is an independent nation and a member of the British Commonwealth. Political independence was achieved in 1973. However, The Bahamas retains Queen Elizabeth II as Head of State as "Queen of The Bahamas". She is represented by a ceremonial Governor General who is resident in Nassau, the capital. Nassau is 120 miles from Bimini. In Bimini, the Governor General and the national government, which is headed by an elected prime minister, are represented by an appointed "Administrator of Bimini". The island is also governed by an elected local council with limited responsibilities, the head of which is the Chief Councillor. This post is similar to that of a mayor. We drive on the left, drink tea, and the kids play a bit of cricket and we celebrate British bank holidays such as Whit Monday, Boxing Day and Easter Monday.  We also have our own national holidays scattered throughout the year. However, we embrace with a passion American football, baseball and basketball.  Our governmental structures, judicial system and educational system is based on British practice. The Bahamas has a total population of nearly 350,000. While 85% of the citizens are of African descent 15% are citizens of European descent with a small Asian-Bahamian community. The Bahamas is a great mix of both African and European cultures. We are a vibrant multi-racial country.

Is Bimini a large island?

No. That's the charm. North Bimini is a small island seven miles long and 600 feet wide. Mostly everything is within easy walking distance. Only 1800 people live and work here. We have two main streets running parallel north and south.  Golf carts out number the cars.

What is there do?

Relax. Bimini is not Nassau. If you want glitz and lights and a fast paced time away from home then look into Nassau or Freeport. They have what you are looking for. Life on Bimini is at a much slower pace. But, there are plenty of things to do. There is shelling, hiking, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, boating, and fishing both on the flats or out at sea.  You can also swim with wild dolphins or take a boat trip see the pod that makes Bimini its home. You can go on picnics, attend local churches or visit night clubs with calypso rhythms or hip hop energy. Visit the crafts and souvenir cultural centre and the Bimini Museum or arrange to see the mysterious Stones of Atlantis, which some believe to be remnants of that ancient and some say lost continent.    

The Hilton Hotel on North Bimini features a casino. Also an ATM machine and several restaurants.

Or just chill out, relax and enjoy the aura that is Bimini. Ernest Hemingway was taken by Bimini in the 1930s as was author Marjorie(The Yearling and Crosscreek) Rawlings. US Congressman Adam Clayton Powell built a home here and Dr Martin Luther King visited twice. HRH The Duke of Windsor went fishing here and HRH Prince Wilhelm of Sweden was a frequent visitor. GM master automotive designer Harley Earl (Corvette and Buick) visited many times. Golf star Sam Snead caught a record breaking bonefish while here. Sammy Davis Jr visited also, as did Miami Vice stars Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas. Former US President Richard Nixon also visited. Jimmy Buffet just loved Bimini and wrote and sang about it. David Ogden Stiers of MASH fame said, "more than a place, Bimini is a state of mind."  So, there is just something about Bimini

What documents do I need to enter?

Bimini is part of The Bahamas so you need to clear Bahamas Customs and Immigration. A passport is required.  However, be aware that the United States requires all persons re-entering the USA...even its own citizens, to have a valid passport. So, a passport is now required.
What about medical facilities?

The island has a Medical Clinic and is staffed by a medical doctor and three nurses. If treatment requires an airlift the medical doctor can arrange it quickly. 

What about credit cards?

Yes and no. Ask first. Debit cards are usually not honoured. Some establishments accept credit cards while others do not. So, ask before you buy something or have dinner. There is an ATM machine at the local bank. The Bank of The Bahamas is open daily that can assist you with financial matters. The Bahamian dollar and the US dollar are freely exchanged at par. VISA/MC and American Express are the cards generally favoured. But, again check before you spend.

What about communications?

Bimini is served by a fibre optic cable between the island and Grand Bahama. Check with your service provider for roaming information.  There is also free WiFi access in the villa.


Sorry, no pets. Animals brought into the country require pre-clearance. Also, the guests who come after you may have allergies to pet dander. So, we are sorry, but no pets.

If I go fishing will someone clean my fish?

Yes. That is easily arranged.

Can I BBQ at the villa?

Yes. The villa has a BBQ facility.

I like snorkeling and SCUBA. And what about dolphins?  Who do I call?

The Dive Centre at the Big Game Resort is a top rated dive operation in Bimini.  They can arrange both SCUBA and snorkeling. They also do dolphin encounters. Dive centres are also located at Bimini Bay Resort and Bimini Sands/Beach Club.

Can I rent a car?

No. You don't really need one. Rent bikes, motor scooters and golf carts. Only persons 17 years of age with a valid license can drive golf carts. A 16 year old from the USA with a valid license CAN'T drive in The Bahamas until they are 17.

So, I come by boat. Where do I tie up?

There are several marinas in Bimini. The marina closest to the villa is Seacrest Marina. A full service facility.
242 347 3071.  We can make arrangements for your boat to be kept there. The dock master will assist you with Customs and Immigration clearance.
The marina is less than a two minute walk to the villa.

Can I rent a boat? A small one.

Yes. Seacrest Marina offers Boston Whaler boats  which are 17' long for hire. Contact the dock for reservations and rates.  242 347 3071.  

What are your busy times?

The American Memorial Day weekend, American Independence Day weekend and American Labour Day weekend are generally sold out many months in advance for ANY hotel or dock space anywhere on Bimini. Check early to see what is available. Our busy season is from April through September.

So, I want to visit and stay with you. What do I do now?

Contact us by phone or email.  


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